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Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

The concept of the image was to show the seven deadly sins without using the standard cliché's. The same person is used for each sin to represent that everyone is capable of any and all the sins.

Each person was shot individually as shown below and then composited into a single image.

Sins1 Sins2 Sins3 Sins4 Sins5 Sins6 Sins7

The grabbing of the shirt on the left side of the image was accomplished by having a second person wearing the same shirt which made compositing easier than attempting to mask out a different colored shirt.

The original imagery was also shot in a completely different location and used a different couch than what is shown in the final image above. After masking out all the people in the original composite and positioning the new background, all the shadows had to be reapplied to the new background to match the different shape of the couch and cushions. The original composite is below.

Seven Deadly Sins original