Astute Graphics

Makers of a fantastic series of Illustrator plugins. The plugins not only reduce the amount of time you spend creating artwork but they also allow you to do some things in Illustrator that would be near impossible otherwise.

Xtream Path

Great Illustrator plug-in. It allows you to easily manipulate paths in Illustrator so achieving complicated shapes is much easier.


This site provides information and discounts on vector artwork. They also have a solid blog about vector artwork and provide reviews of software and plugins.


Great blog about how to accomplish good web design through the use of CSS. Articles go into depth about how to accomplish both simple and more difficult CSS coding techniques.

28 Best Free Photoshop Plugins

The website Art of Blog has put together a list of their top 28 free Photoshop plugins.

When can I use

Website design shouldn't be limited to what the user's browser can display, but it is for now. This site gives you a list of all the CSS3, HTML5 and SVG support listings for different browsers.

Brands of the World

Site containing a gigantic library of business vector logos.

What the font

If you're not sure what font is used in an image you can scan it and upload the scan to this site to hopefully find a name.

Smashing Magazine

Great resource for web designers and developers.

The Design Inspiration

Site featuring logos, illustrations, web sites, business cards, fonts, photography and patterns. Very good collection to view when looking for inspiration or just to see what others are doing.

Lorem Ipsum generator

If you need placeholder text you can generate as much of it as you need here.

Easy Steps to Create a Beautiful Design Portfolio

Direct link to a very good article on developing a great design portfolio. You should put your best foot forward and this will give you good direction.



Technology related website. Lots of good news, reviews and tutorials.


Adobe makes a ton of creativity software, like Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop which were used in the production of this site.

Adobe Education Exchange

Not the most apparent part of Adobe's website, but it offers a wealth of training materials on Adobe's applications and at this point in time it's FREE.

Creative Cow

If you want help using a wealth of design and production tools and software, this is the place to go. Their user forums are moderated by the respective industry users and leaders in each field or application. Questions are answered by both moderators and other Creative Cow users.

Experts Exchange

If you need technical support with software or hardware you can ask it here. Site does require a membership, but if you need a lot of IT support this is a good place to go.