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Acoustic Aspect

Acoustic Aspect

The image above is a combination of two photos. The person on the far left was unavailable for the photo shoot so I was brought both the image above and a previous photograph of the missing band member.

NatThe image on the right is the member that had to be dropped into the image. The major issue with the image is that due to the lighting and the iso used the coloring and grain didn't match very well.

After masking out the band member from the background the shadows and highlights around the arms had to be adjusted so the image matched the same lighting and shadows as the main image.

The main image also had someone standing where the missing band member would be to help with framing the image. The person had to be removed from the main image and the background filled in as the missing band member wasn't obscuring the same areas of the background as the stand-in.

Finally, shadows had to be added to the band members behind the missing band member so that the shadows remained consistent through the whole image.